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Hi, I'm Harald B, longtime Telltale Forum member and Sam & Max wiki member since the Fall 2008 reboot. Don't be alarmed if you see me take up a lot of the recent changes list: I tend to make a lot of small edits in a row, especially when doing some category reorganization, adding copyright tags, or going on some other spree of mine.


I've only really been a Sam & Max fan since Telltale's series, so that's where my nigh-encyclopedic knowledge is; you can ask me anything about Telltale and the latest forum speculations. Don't ask me about the animated series, though, and while I have the 2007 Surfin' the Highway edition I'm not exactly knowledgeable on the comics and the pictures I've taken from it haven't worked out all that well.

As for the technical stuff, while I'm responsible for a bunch of templates and infoboxes I actually know next to nothing about wiki code; I mostly just reverse-engineer it and tweak and steal some good fixes from other wikis. I do know my way around the gimp, if you need any help getting or touching up images.