Useful To Boot is a song featured in the Telltale episode Reality 2.0.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Curt: Differently useful computers and guests
Bob: Hello world, we're the C.O.P.S
Bluster Blaster: Beware! We will not be suppressed!


All: We are useful! We are fruitful!
We are useful! Everything that boots is beautiful!
We are useful! We are fruitful!
Built to last! The future is the past!


Bob: Computers today just confound and confuse
Curt: Comfort is waiting in yesterday's news
Bluster Blaster: Select a weapon! You must choose!


Bob: Who needs fancy whizz-bang chips?
Curt: Older boards are well-equipped
Bob: Seasoned, practiced, and mature
All: And together, we endure


Curt: You cannot improve the wheel
Bluster Blaster: Flimsy self-esteem must yield!
Bob: You're only obsolete as you feel


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