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She likes her men like the Statue of Liberty: Tall and Dense.

Trixie: the Giraffe-necked girl from Scranton is a young circus freak featured in Sam & Max Hit the Road.

Character Detail[]

Due to her unnaturally long neck, Trixie was forced to work as a circus freak at the Kushman Bros' Carnival, where she first met Bruno. Falling in love with the Frozen Bigfoot, she bribed the carnival's flame spitter to thaw him out, allowing them to escape the carnival and elope. Thinking that Bruno had escaped on his own and kidnapped Trixie, the Kushman's hired Sam and Max to track them down.

After escaping, she and Bruno rescued at least two other Bigfoots before they were captured by Conroy Bumpus and taken to his menagerie in Bumpusville. They were eventually rescued by the Freelance Police, but refused to go back with them to the carnival, heading instead to the Bigfoot gathering at the Savage Jungle Inn.

After Sam and Max saved the Bigfoots Trixe and Bruno headed to Las Vegas to get married. They haven't been seen since, but are presumed to be living happily ever after.

Voice Actress[]

Marsha Clark


  • Trixie's long neck may be inspired by the tradition of the Burmese Kayan tribe's women of elongating their necks using brass coils.