The Invaders
Animated series episode
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The two silver-suited aliens who have come to kill our heroes.
Episode # 19
Original airdate February 27, 1998
The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police
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"Tonight We Love" "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"

The Invaders is the 19th episode in the series The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Two tiny invaders constantly try to kill Sam and Max.

In-Depth Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Max is fighting a creature in the filing cabinet that mutated from an old sandwich to get a file for Sam to send to the Commissioner. After overcoming his struggle, Max gets bored and wants a new challenge. There's a knock at the door and Max tries to answer it, but the mold creature pulls him back. Sam answers the door and finds no one in his line of sight, unaware that below are a couple of spacemen with blasters. He closes the door, thinking it was just someone playing a prank. There's another knock, and he and Max see the little visitors from space and think they're of a peaceful race. They offer a welcome gift basket, but the spacemen blast it, showing their hostility. Sam and Max kick them out. Sam adds their encounter to their report to the commissioner and Max goes to take a shower.

Unbeknownst to our heroes, the spacemen are not finished with their attempts. One of them jets toward the open window to the office, but Sam closes it for no good reason, blocking his path. The other enters the bathroom through the toilet, but a sud blinded Max flushes him down the drain. After Max gets out of the tub, the duo hears a ruckus outside their door. They check to see a present on the floor. Wary of what it could be, they detect it only to find it to be the spacemen. They blast the duo, showing the power they have at their disposal. With them trapped in their office, the spacemen seal the door and windows, leaving no escape.

Trapped by their unwanted guests, Sam and Max prepare to find a way to get rid of them. Sam distracts them by wrapping them in the window blinds and Max gets out his model of a nuclear plant. They disguise it as a dance club and lure the spacemen into it, radiating them until they are no more. This proves to have failed as the spacemen are still alive. After running around screaming with the spacemen clamping their faces, they throw them into the file drawer with the mold creature inside. This proves futile as they break out just as easily. Sam decides they have to resort to cartoony sight gags to stop them.

First, they try shipping the spacemen off to Bora Bora, as it's easier to spell Tierra del Fuego. But they suddenly come back after being mailed. Next, they try sending them off to the moon. But they return in a rover. Then, they trap the spacemen in a desk and blockade it with a boulder, catch a flight, and dive into the ocean. Unfortunately, they find the spacemen waiting for them there. They then feed them to a shark, hail a taxi, and get back to the office. But there relief is short lived, as the spacemen are once again back there as well. After a blast in thei keisters, the duo sends the spacemen down the drain and pours deadly chemicals down it to dissolve the intergalactic runts. Thinking they have finally won, the duo goes off to relax.

As they relax on the roof, they are then greeted by the ever surviving spacemen who destroy their lounge chairs. This being the straw that breaks their backs, the duo decides to resort to their final tactic that would be too extreme even for them: tying their enemies up to explosives and leaving them in the blast. Unfortunately, before they can get away, the fuse ends too quickly, and the duo is caught in the blast. The spacemen are unscathed, but Sam and Max can fight no more. As it appears to be their doom, the spacemen blast them one final time, leaving behind their boney carcasses.

Just then, the Geek congratulates the spacemen for their feat. It turns out it was all a combat training simulator the Geek created, and Sam and Max were testing it as they were the spacemen and they were fighting simulations of themselves. Sam shows concern for the younger viewers possibly being traumatized by seeing what was presumably his and Max's doom and Max comments they need them to watch the next episode. As they leave, the simulated spacemen pop in front of the viewers and blast them.

Main Characters[edit | edit source]

The Two Silver-suited Aliens
The Geek

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