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The Dysfunction of the Gods
Animated series episode
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Episode # 07
Original airdate October 18, 1997
The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police
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"The Friend for Life" "Big Trouble at the Earth's Core"

The Dysfunction of the Gods is the 7th episode in the series The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police.


After Zeus and Hera's fighting leaves the entire Earth in danger, Sam and Max act as marriage counselors.

In-Depth Synopsis[]

A storm of Apocalyptic proportions bear down onto the city while Sam and Max are on patrol. The storm deters any sort of unlawfulness, making it a boring night. They decide to stop by the Greece "E" Spoon diner to kill some time.

They find the diner's owner a bit distraught in a prognosticative dialog. Apparently, the storm is caused by some sort of dispute among the Gods on Mount Olympus. If nothing is done about it, the destruction of the world is certain. So Sam and Max take it upon themselves to travel there to see what wrong.

When they get there by their trusty Desoto, fiery-filled pots and lighting bolts fly within the temple on the top of the mountain. Inside, the goddess Hera shouts that she is fed up with her husband, Zeus. He has been messing around with other women and she can not take it any longer. Zeus sees her as overreacting and he just wants some freedom to flirt. No doubt, these fights are causing the storms back on Earth.

Sam and Max introduces themselves to Zeus and Hera hoping that they could help them with their marriage problem. Zeus and Hera are happy that they came around when they did since they can not find any resolution and storms are getting worse. A faun appears to fill Sam and Max in with the great responsibility they have. They must quickly solve this problem because time is times ten here than on Earth. If they do not hurry, they will find themselves in old age in no time.


The Diner Owner
An Unknown Faun
A Harpie
Miss Tennessee
A Wayne Newton impersonator


  • When Hera leaves Zeus after finding out he ditched the wedding, Sam and Max walks into the scene un-aged. In the scenes before and after this one, they are in their old forms.
  • In order to fit the Greek theme in this episode, Sam should have called Cupid "Eros". (Then again, his Roman name is more well-known than his Greek one.)


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