The Director

The female character known only as the Director first appears in Situation: Comedy, directing the various shows at the WARP TV studios.

Character DetailEdit

The Director is highly pragmatic and much more concerned with the bottom line than with the artistic quality of her shows, which is reflected in the kind of shows WARP produces. The upshot of this is that she will work with anyone if it gets things done and is willing and able to improvise.

She is nothing if not efficient, able to move between studios faster than Sam & Max even when they take the door directly connecting them. She can also redecorate a studio in no time flat. Her directing style is best described as stereotypical.

The Director is seen again when Sam & Max return to the studio to shoot another Midtown Cowboys episode in Night of the Raving Dead.




Myra Stump

Voiced ByEdit

Dianne Nola


The Internet looks very much like The Director.

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