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The Date a.k.a The "Ungrateful Lunch Date" or The "Marginally Volatile Hostage Situation" is a young woman being held hostage by the Mad Scientist in the opening scene of Sam & Max Hit the Road.

Character Detail[]

The Date is a young woman who is being held hostage by the Mad Scientist due to being friend-zoned after three dates. He has her bound in heavy rope secured with a pad lock and seated on a wooden platform with two laser beams being aimed at her. When the Mad Scientist is done with is monologue and starts the machine she explains that "I rather go out with someone more unpredictable". And that's when Sam and Max crash through the brick wall hoping to find the Lincoln Tunnel.

The Mad Scientist say to Sam and Max that they are too late and that any moment his "Ungrateful Lunch Date" will be atomic matter. Ms. Date replies "I knew he wasn't a real doctor". Max pounces on the Mad Scientist while Sam tries to untie Ms. Date but to not avail. Max realizes the Mad Scientist is a robot and Sam realizes that it is actually a ticking time bomb and "they gotta get out of there pronto". Ms. Date says "Thank You Sam and Max, I'll never forget what you've done here to day" as they speed off leaving her tied up and bound on the wooden platform.

She is voiced by Beth Wernick.