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"If anything happens, I'll deny I ever knew you."

The Commissioner is a supporting character in the Sam & Max universe.

Character Detail[]

The Commissioner is the mysterious figure who gives Sam & Max their assignments. In the original comics, he rarely goes beyond informing the Freelance Police that there is "bad trouble" in a particular location. In other media, however, he is usually more specific. Normally, Sam is seen talking to the Commissioner on the phone, or in one case in season two Max was able to answer the call much to his and the Commissioners surprise. There are other methods that he has used to get a hold of Sam & Max, such as postcards, notes tied to bricks, and conch shells.

A photograph of his chest is seen in the cartoon episode The Final Episode. This is the only known picture of him. Considering the tasks he assigns them and the rather severe-sounding contact they have with him, the Commissioner's real intentions toward Sam & Max remain both cryptic and questionable.

Voiced By[]

Julian Kwasneski (in the Telltale Games)


  • He has a daughter.
  • He's British Columbian.
    • Despite this, he's one of the good ones.