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Sam and Max hosting Cooking Without Looking.

This page is for fictional shows within the Sam & Max universe. For the real-world animated series starring Sam & Max, see The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police.

This page lists television shows that appear in the Sam & Max universe.

WARP shows[]

Situation: Comedy introduces the WARP studios, which produce a number of television shows. All of these are directed by The Director and follow her philosophy of putting revenue before quality. Several more appear in machinima shorts. Sam & Max feature in most of these shows.

Midtown Cowboys[]

Main article: Midtown Cowboys

A highly successful sitcom starring Sam & Max and Mr Featherly, revolving around hiding a cow. An important product placement vehicle.

Embarrassing Idol[]

A televised talent show similar to American Idol. Sam's Banjo Song was the winning entry in an episode judged by Max and two of the Soda Poppers.

Cooking Without Looking[]

A cooking show which has at one point featured Sam & Max as guest hosts.

Who's Never Going to be a Millionaire?[]

A notoriously difficult quiz show. Sam & Max appear in an episode guest hosted by Hugh Bliss. They manage to win by switching out the question cards, but have to settle for a million dollars in food stamps as WARP doesn't have that much cash on hand.


A talk show hosted by Myra Stump. During Situation: Comedy the audience is held captive through hypnosis, prompting Sam & Max to head to the studios.

Four Freaks in a Terribly Cramped Office[]

A reality show. The machinima short Reality Blights is about an episode in The Office starring Sam, Max, Mr Featherly and Specs.

Egregious Philosophy Platter[]

A short philosophy program hosted by Sam & Max. Featured in the machinima short of the same name.

Fun in the Kitchen With Sam and Max[]

A cooking show hosted by Sam and Max, using the same set as Cooking Without Looking. Featured in the machinima short Kitchen Consequential.

Other shows[]

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