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This is the Sam & Max statue in its final form.

The Symbiote Statue is a polystone collector's statue of Sam & Max made by Symbiote Studios. It is a limited edition of 1,000 pieces and was available in December of 2008. The price was set at $75 at the time of release. Due to high [expected] demand all pre-orders had to be paid in full advance.

However, over time, the price of the Symbiote Statue increased tremendously, now valued at $600 to $1000 and some going even higher than that

At 17.3" (package length), the statue is extremely tall. Originally planned at an already tall 12", unusual circumstances during production made the final size even greater. [1]

The statue is made of high quality polystone rather than plastic. The base is hand numbered with the edition size and number of the piece.


Lead Designer: Joseph Reiter
Sculptor: Joe Simon
Lead Artist: Steve Purcell
Edition Size: 1,000 worldwide
Product Size: 17.3*11.8*8.26 in package
Est. Shipping Weight: Est 15.00 lbs

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