Sybil Pandemik (later Lincoln-Pandemik) is a prominent supporting character from the episodic game series by Telltale.

Character Detail[edit | edit source]

Possessing experience in the fields of tattooing, psychoanalysis, tabloid publication, court witnessing, dating service, carbon dating service, beta testing, Queenship, SCUBA diving, dark wizardry and brain surgery, among other things, Sybil has a difficult time settling down on a single profession before losing interest and finding something else to do. While her constantly fluxing career makes it hard for her to gain any permanent customers, her varied experience often comes in handy for the Freelance Police.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sybil Pandemik has light skin and long black hair she keeps pulled back in a bun. Her hazel-green eyes are framed by her signature red cateye glasses. She sports a matching maroon outfit that resembles an altered tang suit. She wears small silver hoop earrings. She has a beauty mark above her mouth on the right side of her face, and her forearms are covered in black tattooed lines that intersect to create a design similar to flames.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Prior to the events of Culture Shock, Sybil ran a tattoo studio next to Sam and Max's Office which Max apparently frequented. By the time Sam met her for the first time, however, she had switched her career to psychotherapy. She would continue to switch careers roughly once a month for the duration of season 1, aiding the Freelance Police, both knowingly and unknowingly, on several occasions.

At the end of Season 1, Sybil became romantically involved with Abe, making her put her career on hold.

Her relationship with Abe would become a recurring sub-plot in season 2:

  • In Moai Better Blues, the two break up due to Abe ignoring Sybil on their date on Easter Island to ogle a female Moai, a faux pas he compounds by suggesting Sybil get plastic surgery to look more like a Moai.
  • In Night of the Raving Dead, Abe can be found weeping over his breakup with Sybil in Stinky's Diner, and must be shooed off in order to receive help from Stinky. Sybil, meanwhile, is trying to find a new boyfriend, resulting in Sam & Max temporarily setting her up with Jurgen's Monster.
  • In What's new, Beelzebub?, Sybil temporarily dates Peepers of the Soda Poppers, but breaks up with him after learning his real name (Dick Peacock). Ultimately, she and Abe Lincoln get back together, perhaps as a result of Hell freezing over, and are ultimately married in a ceremony officiated by Max. They were last seen driving off on their honeymoon in the demonically possessed DeSoto.

In the Season 3 finale, The City That Dares Not Sleep, Sybil returns but not only does she join Sam in his mission to save Max, she is also pregnant, much to Sam's horror and disgust. This caused a bit of strain when Sam needed her help to run Max's legs, but when Sam proved he understands what being a parent means, Sybil changes her mind. Near to the end of the episode her water breaks, causing Sybil to panic and demand to leave Max and abandon the mission, not wanting to have the baby inside a monster. This sparked Max's self-sacrifice in wanting to save Sybil, becoming his sole focus. Sybil was last seen escaping Max through his nose and running away from the scene. How her baby looks like, as well as what gender it is, is currently unknown.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

When her water broke when carrying her baby, she spilled pennies ("weird").

In the Remastered Sam and Max Save The Word, Sybil's look had changed slightly for a more modern and attractive look.

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