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Situation: Comedy
Telltale episode
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Episode # 102
Villain Myra Stump
Musical number Sam's Banjo Song
Release date December 20, 2006 (GameTap), January 5, 2007 (Telltale Shop)
Sam & Max Season One
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"Culture Shock" "The Mole, the Mob, and the Meatball"

Situation: Comedy is the second episode of season one of the Sam & Max video game series by Telltale Games.


Sam and Max are sent by the The Commissioner to the WARP TV studio when talk show host Myra Stump takes her audience hostage. After helping Bosco deal with Jimmy Two-Teeth and the Skinbodies terrorizing his store, they manage to get into the studios where they plan to appear on Myra's show, but she will only let them on if they can quickly gain enough celebrity to be worthy.

Sam and Max fill for the host of Cooking Without Looking, one of several shows they must appear on to save Myra's audience.

To this end, they star in an all-new episode of Midtown Cowboys, win Embarrassing Idol, and fabricate a scandal to go in Sybil's tabloid, the Alien Love Triangle Times. In the meantime they also win Who's Never Going to be a Millionaire? and host Cooking Without Looking.

When they finally appear on Myra!, they find that a toy bear is hypnotizing Myra and the audience. Despite the limitations of talk show law, they manage to sabotage the bear and save the day.


  • Sam - The leader of the Freelance Police who must defeat Myra Stump (holding an audience captive). Also a star of Midtown Cowboys.
  • Max - Sam's best friend, a star of Midtown Coyboys, and a judge on Embarassing Idol.
  • The Commissioner - Like in Culture Shock, calls Sam & Max to alert them of Myra Stump's malfeasance at the start of the episode and is never heard of for the rest of the episode.
  • Myra Stump - The main antagonist of the episode holding an audience captive and will not let Sam & Max in until they prove their worth of entering the building.
  • Mr Spatula - The office pet goldfish of Sam & Max.
  • Hubert - The office pet plant of Sam & Max.
  • Bosco - Paranoid owner of Bosco's Inconvenience which is terrorized by rats (but saved by Sam and Max) at the start of the episode..
  • Jimmy Two-Teeth - Rat living in Sam & Max's office in the rat hole.
  • Sybil Pandemik - Owner of her office, which like in all episodes, has changed; this time into a tabloid newspaper.
  • The Director - A director of multiple different shows (and can apparently teleport her and all her equipment from studio to studio).
  • Philo Pennyworth - The actor for Mr Featherly on Midtown Cowboys.
  • Bessie - A cow who appeared on Midtown Cowboys & on Myra's talk show.
  • Hugh Bliss - Debuting in this episode, he is the apparent Game Show Host of Who's Never Going to be a Millionaire?, and can perform magic tricks (changing colors).
  • Soda Poppers - Specs, Peepers & Whizzer. Specs & Whizzer judge Embarrassing Idol as Peepers competes. Unfortunately Whizzer has a bias towards voting for Peepers.

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