During the original run of Sam & Max Season One, Telltale Games produced a series of short machinima videos using the same engine. One short was aired every week between the release of a given episode on Telltale's site and the next one on GameTap (the Season One episodes were a GameTap exclusive for a week before being released on Telltale's own site). The shorts have appeared on the now-defunct GameTap TV, on the old official site for Season One, and on the Telltale video site; the links below are to the latter, which no longer work.

The writing and choreography for the shorts has been handled by a variety of people, including Steve Purcell on two occasions ("Interrogation" and "Coffee"). As the machinima shorts were found to be too time-consuming to produce, Telltale hasn't made a similar series for Season Two (but see Sam & Max Nearly Save Christmas).

# Episode Release date Overview
1.1 "Frank Discussion" November 30, 2006 Sam and Max share a discussion regarding hot dog weenies and their preservative properties in Bosco's Inconvenience store.
1.2 "Trainspotting" December 7, 2006 Sam ponders the meaning of life while Max questions the sensibility of being outside, away from the comforts of their office.
1.3 "A Painstaking Search" December 12, 2006 Having misplaced the keys to their office, Sam and Max return to the scene of their last case, Brady Culture's 'Home' for former child stars, in an attempt to retrace their steps.
2.1 "Reality Blights" January 4, 2007 Max volunteers the duo to appear on the fictional reality television show Four Freaks in a Terribly Cramped Office.
2.2 "Egregious Philosophy Platter" January 11, 2007 Sam and Max host the fictional television show Egregious Philosophy Platter, discussing the philosophers Socrates and René Descartes.
2.3 "Kitchen Consequential" January 18, 2007 Sam and Max host Fun in the Kitchen With Sam and Max where they showcase a few recipes of special effects.
3.1 "Interrogation" February 1, 2007 Sam and Max demonstrate for their viewers how to properly interrogate a suspect.
3.2 "Coffee" February 8, 2007 Sam and Max demonstrate their use of telekinesis on a coffee cup.
3.3 "The Blank Blank Blank" February 15, 2007 Sam and Max discuss with Bosco the government agency so secret, the acronym is classified.
4.1 "War Games" March 1, 2007 Sam and Max execute "simulations" in the War Room at the White House.
4.2 "The Teapot Drone Scandal" March 15, 2007 A Secret Service agent is ordered by Max, the President, to recite the Teapot Song (I'm a little teapot...)
4.3 "Saving the Economy" March 22, 2007 Max details his plan to make the economy more productive.
5.1 "Artichoke" April 5, 2007 President Max holds a press conference. Heaven help the reporters.
5.2 "Bosco" April 12, 2007 Max previews his attack ad against Bosco, despite the fact that he is not running.
5.3 "A Fireside Chat" April 19, 2007 Max records a "fireside chat" addressing the state of Idaho in the hopes of getting them to vote for him.

Remarks[edit | edit source]

  • "Kitchen Consequential," while still hosted on the Sam & Max section of Telltale's site as a .flv file, is the only short not accessible through their video site.
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