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The Season One Case File is a small but clever collection of items related to Telltale Games's Season One episodes. They are stored in a 4 3/4 x 6 1/2 brown envelope (designed to fit inside the DVD case of Telltale's Season One DVD) with a large black stamp on the front sporting Max's head, the words "SAM & MAX FREELANCE POLICE CASE FILE", and a red time stamp.

The Case File was very popular and has become highly sought after after being sold out. Second-hand copies have sold at $50, ten times the original price. Telltale employees have spent many hours of their own time stuffing loose items into case files, but Telltale Games still barely broke even on it, as noted in a forum post by Emily Morganti. The limited commercial success of the first case file has not kept Telltale from producing a Season Two Case File.

Items found inside the envelope include:


  • Leftover "One Rabbit, One Law" buttons were given away at Comic-Con 2007 at the Telltale booth.
  • According to Skunkape Games, the hypno-goggles were the most expensive item to produce.