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"Hold Still, while I give you your present!

Santa is the main enemy of Season 2 Episode: 1 Ice Station Santa.

Character detail[]

He lives at the North Pole with his elves, then a Demon came and possessed one of the elves, he sat in his room firing a gun at the demon possessed elf. Sam & Max luckily cast out the demon, but it chased him outside, after they took care of the Demon, Santa ate the "Sinful" Jell-o and the Demon possessed him. Sam & Max then once again, took care of the demon and sent Santa and the Demon to hell, and was rescued, five months later.

Santa made a sort-of reappearance in The Tomb of Sammun-Mak, which takes place in 1901. In it, a toy manufacturer named Nicholas St. Kringle appears. It is strongly implied that he is Santa, as shown by his fondness for milk and cookies, him having a naughty and nice list in his bag, his dress style, the elves that assist him, etc. He is also known as a philanthropist (and also for some scandal involving him and a Swedish figure skating team). Like Sameth and Maximus, he attends Papierwaite's seminar in order to gain information about the Devil's Toybox. When Sameth and Maximus get the tickets to Egypt, Kringle follows them there and attempts to steal the Toybox from them when they get their hands on it. After failing to do so there, he steals it from Jurgen on the train back to New York after he stole it from Sameth and Maximus. It turns out that it was stolen from him as well by Baby Amelia Earhart. After Sameth and Maximus take it back from her, Kringle isn't seen for the rest of the episode.

Voiced by[]

Terence C. McGovern


  • In the fifth episode, What's New, Beelzebub?, of Sam and Max Season 2, it is mentioned that Santa chose his job due to his distaste for children. He specifically says that he chose the job as there was only one day of the entire year he would even get the chance to be near children, and that there were certain conditions that they were not to see him.