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Sam Jr. is a gold cockroach Sam uses and adopts in The City That Dares Not Sleep.

Character Detail[edit | edit source]

Junior hatches from an egg in Max's old cockroach farm in his inventory while Sam is there. Junior looks to Sam as a father and Sam goes along with this and quickly adopts him.

Sam cares a lot about Sam Jr. and this helps convince Sybil he has some parenting instincts of his own. Junior continues to spend time in Sam's inventory and is useful again later on.

Voiced By[edit | edit source]

Nicki Rapp

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If Sam Jr. is left inside Max when leaving and the "adventure" ending was chosen, he is later shown to have survived: After Sam & Max leave in the elevator, Sam Jr. shows up and the elevator briefly comes back so Sam can take him along. (If Junior is already in Sam's inventory, the adventure ending shows him briefly coming back for his hat instead.)
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