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Green Mama's

Concept art showing a futuristic version of the DeSoto arriving at Green Mama's.

Sam & Max Plunge Through Space is a canceled video game for the Xbox starring Sam & Max. The game was originally announced in September 2001 by Infinite Machine, a small company founded by former LucasArts employees. However, the poor sales on its first game, New Legends, caused Infinite Machine to go bankrupt next year. Soon after, LucasArts acquired the Sam & Max rights and announced Freelance Police (which would go on to be canceled in March 2004).

In a 2005 interview, Steve Purcell has said the following about the game:

It was actually based on a story I had written years before called Sam & Max Plunge Through Space. Sam & Max have to recover the stolen Statue of Liberty which they find parked in another galaxy and being used as a casino called Green Mama's. Then they are pulled into interplanetary intrigue with an evil despot and a mysterious hidden world where everyone resembles Max. We were breaking it down into an action/exploration/adventure game and I was pleased with where it was going.

The Age of S&M contains some concept art for Plunge Through Space.

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