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Sam & Max is the title of an episodic series of video games by Telltale Games starring the duo. Three seasons have been made. With Telltale Games' very existence being an indirect consequence of the cancellation of Sam & Max: Freelance Police, the Sam & Max series might be said to be Telltale's raison d'être. At any rate, it put them on the radar and continues to be their largest (and most well-received) single project.

The first season was initially co-published with GameTap, then brought to retail with JoWood (and The Adventure Company, a branch of the JoWood-owned DreamCatcher Interactive). The second season was also initially co-published with GameTap, and was brought to retail by Atari in 2009. Skunkape Games assumed the publishing rights to the seasons in March 2020, following the dissolution of Telltale Games in 2018, and will release remastered versions beginning in December 2020.

For the plot, see the individual seasons and episodes.


See Category:Telltale Characters for a list of characters unique to the Telltale series.


Season One - Sam & Max Save the World

Season Two - Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space

Season Three - The Devil's Playhouse

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