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Sam and Max: This Time It's Virtual is a VR adventure game developed by Happy Giant, released on the Oculus Quest store on July 8th, 2021, and released on Steam on September 10th, 2021. It was announced on August 27, 2020 during Gamescom of that year.

Plot Summary

The player takes control of an unseen character named "Lumpy" who is tested by Sam and Max to see if he is worthy of joining the Freelance Police. The player will be put through nine puzzle challenges and three on-the-job tasks to see if they're truly ready to don the badge.


After Sam and Max rescue "Lumpy" from underneath a dumpster, "Lumpy" must help them take out a giant Planarian Worm monster by shooting each of its heads while they distract it. Once the beast has been dealt with, Sam offers you a chance to join the Freelance Police.

Office Intro

In the office, Lumpy is given an "Aptitude test" - which is essentially making coffee and corn dogs for Sam and Max while also completing a few odd jobs, before heading over to the Freelance Police Training Academy (which is actually the abandoned Cap'n Aquabear's Funtime Park). Once arriving at the abandoned theme park, Lumpy is given a special bracelet to track their progress.

Teddy Tocks

After the first three challenges are completed, Sam and Max receive a call from the Commissioner. It turns out that Theodore "Teddy" Tocks has escaped from prison and now threatens to unleash mayhem on the neighborhood. After speaking to several locals, the player is able to track down Teddy Tocks. After taking out Tocks' army of drones, Tocks reveals his plot to detonate his "Neutron Disruptor Wave" within a five mile radius. Sam and Max pin him down while the player disarms the head of Duncan B. Dills. After the bomb is successfully disarmed, a mysterious figure in a trench coat appears and snatches it before disappearing.


When the next three challenges are accomplished, the Commissioner calls Sam and Max yet again. Strange goings on are happening at a neighborhood convenience store. The store's cashier has unintentionally summoned demonic entities while playing around with some spells for her LARP group. The player deals with each of the demons, but Max ends up getting possessed by Todd, Archfiend of the 12th Circle. Using a sacred blade, the player succeeds in exorcising Todd. But the same figure from earlier snatches the blade away before Sam can store it for safekeeping.


When the last of the challenges are finished, Sam and Max are about to congratulate the player when Cap'n Aquabear suddenly appears and takes Sam hostage. Max and the player shrink down to size and infiltrate the dance club disguised as an Aqua bear. The Captain intends on unleashing his army into the world via a portal built from scavenged objects. The player manages to spike the dance foam, putting the Aqua bears in a state of hibernation. Sam is then rescued, and the player sets the portal to self destruct. The captain pursues, but Sam, Max, and the player escape as the portal detonates.

Street Showdown

But things are not over yet, as the Captain has grown to gigantic size and rebuilds the portal with telekinetic abilities. The player tries to put the Captain into hibernation state, but the Aqua bear quickly recovers. Max, who has somehow grown to gigantic size, uses the Captain to plug up the portal. After disabling the portal's force field, the player tampers with the device and sends it spinning out of control. When Max gets smaller again, he grabs a grenade instructs the player to lob him into the Captain's gaping maw. Captain Aqua bear and the portal are destroyed.


Back at the office, Lumpy is given an official diploma welcoming them to the Freelance Police. Just at that moment, the phone rings again, and Sam and Max both leap for it. Before either can get it, though, the two freeze in place as the credits start rolling.


The Commissioner
Flint Paper
Helios Papadopolis
Queen Carpathia
Teddy Tocks
Hodad the Devourer
Ice Imp
Cereal Ghoul
Cap'n Aquabear
Aquabear Bouncer
Bo'Sun Kevin
DJ Aquabear
Duncan B. Dills


  • Flint Paper can be heard through the office wall by using a plastic cup against the wall--reading a novel, apparently.
  • This is the first Sam & Max game to not have Sam as the primary playable character.
  • This is the first non-traditional point-and-click Sam & Max game--although puzzles are still an active part of the game.
  • The music in the game is mostly recycled from the three Telltale series titles, with ten brand new tracks once again composed by Jared Emerson-Johnson.