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Ruth is a reoccurring character in the Sam and Max Universe.

Character Detail[]

Ruth was first mentioned in the comics, soley via Sam's recollections of her favorite sayings, which he tended to preface with "As my grandmother use to say...". Her first appearance in person was in the animated series episode Christmas Bloody Christmas.

On the outside, Ruth resembles a stereotypical grandmother. For the most part she does have a warm and caring personality, but she also has a world of law enforcement and combat experience. She served as a highly respected prison warden on Blood Island's penitentiary, earning herself the name "The Iron Maiden". Though she was loved by most of the prisoners, she did have a few enemies: Hurtsod and his gang.

Ruth also served in the Marines during the Cold War and was stationed somewhere in Korea.

She has a penchant of creating sayings depending on the situation, in a similar to Sam, and sharing her knowledge. Sam seems to have received these traits from her.

According to The Final Episode, she gave Sam a bazooka as a gift which he treasures.

Sam apparently holds her in high regard, because he speaks of her more often than the rest of his family.

It's speculated that she's the daughter of Sam's great-grandfather, Sameth.

What a group...

Original Maxims and Sayings[]

  • "Crime is an invitation to the crypt."
  • "A letter is a gift you give to your mailbox."
  • "A leopard doesn't change its shorts." (A modification of the well-known saying "A leopard cannot change its spots".)
  • "Idle hands get caught in busy machinery." (Another loose modification from "Idle hands are the Devil's playthings".)
  • "A glutton for punishment always gets his fill."
  • "The idle mind is the devil's monkey bars." (Again, "Idle hands are the Devil's playthings".)