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[[You crack me up, little buddy.]]
[[Image:Bosco.PNG|thumb|Bosco, without a disguise]] Mentioned in [[Sam & Max Hit the Road|Hit the Road]], and first seen in [[Culture Shock]], '''Bosco''' is the severely paranoid and conspiratorial thinking owner of Bosco's Inconvenience store.
==Character Detail==
Bosco's business style appears to be based around overcharging for any item so he can afford his elaborate high-tech, homemade security systems, as well as selling his personal brand of "BoscoTech equipment", which are generally rudimentary at best, but cost extraordinary amounts of money (like a hundred million dollars for a "Truth Serum" - which turns out to be a bottle of Vodka). Throughout Season One, his paranoia causes him to dress up as different people (such as an English man, a Russian man, and even his own mother). These disguises usually involve nothing more than Bosco wearing a hat or make-up. He still wears his ordinary clothes, and even his name tag saying his name.
[[Image:Bosco's_disguises.png|thumb|left|272px|Bosco's disguise rack. The fifth one was never used.]]
At some point between Seasons One and Two, Bosco uses the money he made selling his BoscoTech items to Sam & Max to equip his store with even better security measures and various detection apparatus. He also covers the windows in aluminum foil, dims the lighting to a red glow and stops selling things. This is mostly because of his newfound fear of being abducted by [[T.H.E.M.]], which turns out to be justified as they do abduct him sometime between [[Moai Better Blues]] and the end of [[Night of the Raving Dead]]. He is found relatively easily, but it takes Sam & Max [[Chariots of the Dogs]] and a significant part of [[What's new, Beelzebub?]] to completely save him.
Bosco has a peculiar relationship with his mother, [[Ms Bosco]]. In [[Chariots of the Dogs]], Bosco inadvertently travels back through time and causes a mess in her store. While Sam & Max manage to repair most of the changes to history this causes (including Bosco being a cow), this nonetheless makes her seek revenge and enlist [[Flint Paper]] to try to track him down, unaware that he is actually her own future son. The truth about all of this only comes out after she dies in [[What's new, Beelzebub?]]. At the time she also mentions how she sent Bosco an alarm clock every Christmas, which he always took to be a bomb and promptly disposed of.
One of the first test-tube babies, Bosco was "born" in a machine, rather than his mother's womb. It is implied that his father is John F. Kennedy, which may explain his paranoia and obsession with conspiracy theory.
===Voiced By===
Joey Camen
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You crack me up, little buddy.