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Reality 2.0
Telltale episode
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Episode # 105
Villain The Internet
Musical number Useful To Boot
Release date March 29, 2007 (GameTap), April 12, 2007 (Telltale Shop), April 9, 2007 (for subscribers)
Sam & Max Season One
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"Abe Lincoln Must Die!" "Bright Side of the Moon"

Reality 2.0 is the fifth and penultimate episode of season one of the Sam & Max video game series by Telltale Games.


While Sam and Max are in the middle of some presidential policy decisions, The Commissioner calls; computers across the country are going haywire and the disruptions can be tracked to a power surge somewhere in the neighborhood. Sam and Max quickly find Sybil in her office seemingly hypnotized by a pair of goggles she's wearing. When they get them off, she explains that she was beta testing the new virtual reality hype Reality 2.0 for the C.O.P.S..

Sam and Max then visit the C.O.P.S. and try out Reality 2.0 themselves. When it turns out that the goggles hypnotize people into never wanting to leave (luckily Sam & Max are immune to hypnosis and can therefore come and go as they please), they decide to take the whole thing down. The plan is to use the Reality 2.0 counterpart of the highly virulent "biological weapon" Bosco is selling (a handkerchief with his snot on it) to kill The Internet, shutting down Reality 2.0 in the process. It takes some work to defeat Auntie Biotic and get $1 billion into Bosco's online bank account, but the plan works.

Unfortunately, the Internet somehow manages to keep everyone locked in even as everything collapses, threatening to make them die with her (the Internet identifies as a woman). Sam and Max now have to scour through what has devolved into the text-only Reality 1.5 to get her Respect for Living Things out of the Shambling Corporate Presence's clutches. They eventually succeed, and she lets everyone out. She dies shortly afterward, but not before revealing that she's been manipulated by one "Roy G. Biv".

Sybil's, rendered in eye-searing colors.


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