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"Mr President" and "The President" redirect here. For his successor, see Max. See also Abraham Lincoln.

The Puppet President, whose name is unknown, was the President of the United States at the beginning of Abe Lincoln Must Die!.

Character detail

The episode starts when the Freelance Police find out that he has been passing a variety of insane laws. After some initial investigation they soon conclude he has been hypnotized by Chuckles, and Max tries to knock him out. Instead, his head falls off, revealing him to be a mere puppet. (His head shows up as a souvenir in later episodes.) Chuckles is remarkably unbothered by this turn of events (especially for a Secret Service agent), and simply has Abraham Lincoln run for president instead.


  • For reasons unknown, he cannot understand one of the Soda Poppers Whizzer is saying even though he speaks English (though probably because of his whining voice).
  • It is unknown on what happen to the original president, though it's possible he's missing or killed by Chuckles.
  • In a trailer for the second season, we see him trying to get his head back from Sam and Max's office.[1] He fails, and the head remains as another trophy in the closet.