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Did Someone Say "Birthday?"


Pedro is a mariachi of some importance in Sam & Max Season Two.

Character detail

In the first three episodes, differently aged versions of Pedro are seen serenading The Bug, Sybil and Jurgen's Monster on their birthdays, appearing for little apparent reason as soon as someone says "birthday". In Chariots of the Dogs, Pedro is revealed to be all three members of T.H.E.M.. As explained in The Mariachi Song, he made a special deal and became T.H.E.M in order to perform at as many birthdays as possible, no matter where and when they are. Pedro dies due to cheap ink toner inhalation in the distant future.

In What's new, Beelzebub?, all three show up at the same time to serenade the Soda Poppers on their last birthday.

Voiced by

Roger Jackson Jared Emmerson-Johnson (Singing)