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[[You crack me up, little buddy.]]
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| Title = Our Bewildering Universe! 'Chock Full O Guts'
| Image = [[Image:Short_OurUniverse.JPG|250px]]
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| Airdate = April 13, 1998
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'''Our Bewildering Universe! 'Chock Full O Guts'''' is an episode short in the series [[The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police]].
Sam and Max talks about various body organs and their uses.
==Main Characters==
*This short was aired with [[Tonight We Love]] and [[The Invaders]].
*The title references to the one-page comic [[Our Bewildering Universe]]. The short itself references the comic version of [[Bad Day on the Moon]] where Max "vastly underrat[ed] the function of the pancreas" after being vaporized.
==See also==
[[The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police]]
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You crack me up, little buddy.