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On the Road is a three-part Sam & Max comic spanning 40 pages (including the Breakfast at the Diner travelogue, the official On the Road board game, and the Artsy-craftsy bit of time-wasting nonsense).


Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Casbah[]

Concerned with Sam & Max's recent overzealousness, the Commissioner calls and gets them to go on a road trip. While visiting their local corner shop to stock up, they stop a robbery in progress. After that, they set off.

Travelogue: Breakfast at the Diner[]

Some things to expect and avoid when stopping for breakfast on the road.

Chapter 2: I love a band leader[]

After saving some local travelers from bikers and discussing the legend of Auntie Alice, "the hateful thing", Sam and Max arrive in New Orleans, where they hope to see the world's largest prairie dog. They find it has been stolen by pirates in a wheeled Spanish galleon pulled by rats. They follow the pirates to their island, but are quickly captured.

Just when the pirates are about to put Sam & Max through their death trap, their "old octopus pal" Ratzo and his "howling band of cephalopods". Ratzo's gang quickly captures all the pirates and seizes their ship. Sam and Max return all the stolen property (including a bunch of manatees the pirates were romantically involved with) and continue their road trip.

Artsy-craftsy bit of time-wasting nonsense![]

Instructions on how to make a Max-head paper bag puppet and ways to use it.

Chapter 3: Curse of the Faceless Man[]

Sam and Max visit the new mall while the DeSoto is in the garage for a tune-up. When they get back they pay the mechanic in smuggled Tijuana Frogs and round off their road trip with some highway surfing.


The Commissioner
"Ma & Pa"
Auntie Alice
The pirates