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Night of the Raving Dead
Telltale episode
S2 e3 titlecard.jpg
Episode # 203
Villain Jurgen
Release date February 14, 2008 (GameTap)

February 15, 2008 (Telltale Shop)

Sam & Max Season Two
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"Moai Better Blues" "Chariots of the Dogs"

Night of the Raving Dead is the third episode of season two of the Sam & Max video game series by Telltale Games.


The game starts with Sam & Max being caught in an elaborate death-trap, with Max wondering how they got to this point. A flashback starts off the first part of the game:

Sam and Max are in the middle of dealing (or actually, not-dealing) with a zombie attack when the Commissioner calls about a zombie attack. By talking to the C.O.P.S. they find out that the zombies are coming from The Zombie Factory, a nightclub in Stuttgart, Germany. The club turns out to be located in an old castle and run by the vampire Jurgen.

Jurgen is far too powerful to confront directly, but by using holy water, uv light and garlic clove cigarettes Sam and Max manage to destroy his source of power: his popularity. They pursue him to his back room, where they have the most impressive fight of their career. Since Max remembers that part, the flashback ends and the story is back at the scene in the introduction, with them stuck in the trap after losing the fight. Unfortunately, they've now spent so much time reminiscing that it's too late to escape and the trap snaps shut.

After a "You are dead!" screen, the pair wake up in the graveyard reborn as zombies. They return to the back room but find Jurgen gone and their souls trapped waiting to be shipped off to hell. To make things worse, their souls don't even want to reunite with them. The Soul Mater Sybil got on the Internet is just what they need, but she needs it herself to find a date after having broken up with Abe in Moai Better Blues. Sam and Max eventually manage to turn Jurgen's Monster into the perfect date and grab the Soul Mater.

When they get back to their souls, though, a malfunction makes them end up the each other's bodies. Meanwhile Jurgen has returned for a final confrontation. In the end they beat Jurgen by using the Monster's body, and in his dramatic exit he stumbles into his own trap and has his soul taken to Hell. Just when Sam gets his own soul back (Max gets his back between episodes), Flint Paper arrives with bad news: Bosco has gone missing!

In a scene after the credits, a still zombiefied Max gives a press conference.



  • In the remastered edition of the driving game, there is an Easter Egg where you pass by Clementine's house from The Walking Dead (Another well-known Telltale Games title). If you shoot a CD at the house, Clementine will thank Sam and Max.
  • This is the first episode where Bosco doesn't appear in any shape or form. He went into hiding after Sam and Max scared him in the last episode.



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