Myra Stump is a talk show hostess who appears in Situation: Comedy.

Character detail[edit | edit source]

A hypnobear sent by the Toy Mafia (for reasons unknown) hypnotizes Myra and her audience, so that Sam & Max have to get on her show to take it out and rescue her literally captive audience. As nobody who goes on Myra's show comes back, soon the WARP studios don't have any personnel left, making The Director even more annoyed with Myra than usual. She also appeared at Sybil and Lincoln's wedding.

When The Internet created Reality 2.0, it used Stump as the model for Auntie Biotic, the spam filter program. 

Likes:                          [edit | edit source]

  • Good behaviour
  • Guests

Dislikes: [edit | edit source]

  • Bad behaviour
  • Moaning
  • Slouching
  • Laziness

Voiced by[edit | edit source]

Dorothy Gallagher

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