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Ms. Bosco

Ms. Bosco is a supporting character in Telltale's episodic series. She is Bosco's mother. Also known as "Mama Bosco" or "Momma Bosco".

Character Detail

Ms. Bosco was introduced in Chariots of the Dogs. She is a strong-willed female inventor and an adamant feminist. She ran a store called "Bosco's Gun and Baby Needs" which sold (apparently) only those types of two products. After a "man" had "trashed" her store, she hired Flint Paper's partner to track the hooligan down.

Her hatred of patriarchy lead her to make an in vitro fertilization machine (nicknamed "The Babymaker") that requires any sort of DNA sample (in the episode it was featured, Sam and Max collected spit samples) from two subjects. She made clear in the past that if she were to have a child, she would have a daughter ("a perfect little angel"). Ironically in the future, she had a son (whose father was hinted to be president John F. Kennedy) who she cares about deeply. Worried that her son Bosco works too hard, she sent him an alarm clock every Christmas in hope that he would find time to visit her.

She was living in an apartment above Bosco's store before being killed by an explosion (of vinegar and baking soda). Her ghost was roaming The Street until Bosco came back from Hell and Flint Paper revealed that it was Bosco who trashed her store in the past. It was revealed in The Penal Zone that she left Sam and Max's street and now occupies an old building which she used to make her new BoscoTech lab. In Beyond the Alley of the Dolls Sam and Max clone a new body for her ghostly form to possess, bringing her to life once more. Since the clone is partly based on Bosco's body, she is not entirely the same, and was bald at first, but has since either regrown her hair or gotten a wig. In The City That Dares Not Sleep, she assists Sam in his plan to defeat/revive Max.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Her son, Bosco
  • Making inventions
  • Sam in golden bicycle shorts


  • Men (Seems to calm down starting in Season Three)
  • Danger
  • Girl Stinky


  • When Telltale first created this character, they considered having her voiced by Joey Camen, the voice of Bosco. They later decided against it and cast a woman in the role instead.
  • When she was a ghost she appears elderly, but in "The Devil's Playhouse" she looks younger.