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Mr. Spatula is Sam and Max's pet goldfish from the Telltale series of video games, who has taken residence in the office water cooler.


Despite sharing an office with Sam and Max, Mr. Spatula did not take much part in the events of Season One. Nevertheless Max saw reason to appoint him as Vice President prior to Reality 2.0 and not much later, during Bright Side of the Moon, he was revealed to be a member of the Prismatology movement.

Somewhere between the first and second seasons, Mr. Spatula turned evil. Upon discovering this, Sam prepared to execute him, only to be interrupted by the water cooler being vaporized by the Maimtron's laser.

Despite his death, Mr. Spatula's spirit lingered on long enough to orchestrate the events of Moai Better Blues, setting himself up as the High Priest of the Seamonkeys under Easter Island. Fortunately, Sam and Max managed to thwart him before he could cause the local volcano to erupt. <- the volcano actually did erupt, calling T-H-E-M to appear and take the Maoi heads with them. Luckily Sam & Max managed to make it so the lava did not engulf the island.

Mr. Spatula was last seen as one of Hell's employees, occupying a water cooler in the staff kitchen until Sam used him as an ingredient to make a Cake of the Damned for the Poppers' birthday.


  • According to the Telltale Pets section of the credits for seasons 1 and 2, Mr. Spatula was apparently named after a pet goldfish at Telltale Game's office.
  • Max once pointed out that he's just a plastic toy fish.
  • According to Sam and Max, there have apparently been multiple Mr. Spatulas who have died and been replaced with new goldfish before the current one.
  • It is unknown on why Sam and Max think he was evil, probably because they grow tired of him.