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Mr. Featherly
See that, boys? That is acting.

Mister Featherly is a chicken actor who first appeared in Situation: Comedy under the name Philo Pennyworth.

Character Detail

Sam & Max first meet Philo Pennyworth during Situation: Comedy, where he plays the role of Mr. Featherly in the hit series Midtown Cowboys. At the time, he finds it very annoying when Sam and Max call him by his character's name. Ironically, though, by the time they meet him again in Night of the Raving Dead he has changed his legal name to Mister Featherly to make his contracts easier (and gets annoyed when called Pennyworth).

He is briefly seen dabbling in Prismatology in Bright Side of the Moon, a move he expresses regret about in What's new, Beelzebub?.

In Chariots of the Dogs he is revealed to be present at the beginning of the universe, thereby being The Chicken. However, Sam and Max then take him away and replace him with an egg, thereby making it The Egg. It is later revealed that the egg in question is somehow laid by Featherly himself.

In What's new, Beelzebub?, he is seen at Abes Bachelor Party wearing only a scarf.

Mr. Featherly returns in The City That Dares Not Sleep to aid in Sam's effort to restore Max to normal, but refuses to be eaten along with the team due to union rules and hating to be eaten at all. He reluctantly gives Sam an egg to help in his giant corn dog, though not without some aid in privacy.

Voiced By

He is voiced by David Boyll.


  • It is speculated that the egg he hatched might have caused the Big Bang.
  • He can lay eggs, which means he is trans.
  • Featherly, along with Sybil, Abe Lincoln, Agent Superball, Harry Moleman, The Director, The C.O.P.S., Maimtron 9000, and Peepers are the only characters first introduced in the Telltale Games series to appear in all three seasons one way or another.
  • Jurgen is a huge fan of him and likes anything he likes and endorses.
  • He's an award-winning actor of stage and sit-com.
  • He's the creator of the "Free Range Method" school of acting.
  • He tastes like himself.