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The first page of the story

Monkeys Violating the Heavenly Temple is the first commercially-published Sam & Max story. It is 25 pages long and was first published in 1987.


When they get back to their office after dealing with a thug in downtown New York, Sam & Max get a call from The Commissioner about some "nasty doings" in the Philippines. They quickly trace the trouble to Dr Fritz Nunkie's phoney psychic surgery business and volcano god cult. Sam throws Max through the window to create a distraction, only to have the doctor kidnap him. He follows them to Mt. Kilamansta, but is quickly captured himself after he tries to scare them by imitating the volcano god.

Luckily, the doctor dies through spontaneous combustion just when he's about to ritually sacrifice Max. This allows Sam and Max to get free, shove the rest of the cult into the volcano and escape the volcano god that appears. On the plane home, they defeat a terrorist hijacker.


Flint Paper
The Commissioner
Dr Fritz Nunkie


  • A special on Fizzball was included in the middle of the comic.
  • Monkeys Violating the Heavenly Temple began the tradition of the titles having nothing to do with the plot, a trait most of the other comics would share. This title came from a box of firecrackers.
  • With the Commissioner only calling on the 7th page, this comic has an unusually long lead-up.