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"Basalt, hmm, it's been a while"

A group of three Moai heads play a role in Sam & Max Season Two.

Character Detail[]

When Sam & Max first arrive at Easter Island in Moai Better Blues, it's the Moai heads who tell them about the renewed volcanic activity and enlist their help. At the end of the episode the Moai heads are lifted into the sky by a bright light - which will turn out to have been an abduction by T.H.E.M.. In Chariots of the Dogs they are used by T.H.E.M. as part of their soul-crushing device; the incessant ramblings of particularly the Storm Moai cause souls to be diminished enough to be suitable for transportation to Hell.

At least a thousand years old, the Moai heads are apparently immortal. They each have distinct superpowers related to the elements, though they are reluctant to use them.

"How's that dirt tasting?"

Storm Moai[]

The Storm Moai is half-buried underground, making his mumbling almost impossible to decipher as well as putting him in a perpetual foul mood. A small storm cloud forms over his head whenever he gets annoyed - which is every time Sam and Max interact with him in any way.

"It's always, a palm tree"

Wind Moai[]

The Wind Moai is the only female Moai head and the most talkative one by far. Much to Sybil's chagrin, Abe takes an interest in her. The feeling isn't mutual, though. The Wind Moai can conjure up strong winds just by breathing; even just whistling creates a noticeable breeze.

Earth Moai[]

The Earth Moai can create earthquakes by laughing, but is almost always in a grumpy mood. Luckily, a mood-altering Basalt Sandwich turns his demeanor around completely.

Voiced By[]

Roger Jackson (Storm Moai)
Liz Mamorsky (Wind Moai)
David Boyll (Earth Moai)