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Sam & Max are married.png
Steve Purcell's wedding toppers.png
Steve Purcell's wedding toppers
screenshot of Sam & Max at the alter in the recap section of the first episode of the cartoon
Screenshot 2021-01-31-02-16-07 4.png
Conformation from Steve.jpg
Confirmation from Steve Purcell
Dress up.png
While limited to Sam's imagination, this shows that Sam put thought into proposing to Max.
Valentines day drawling by Steve Purcell.jpg
Valentines day drawing by Steve Purcell
First lady.jpg
Max referring to Sam as a first lady
Tumblr db07c1c593eade8025293e7699e1525f 804c4e22 1280.png
Sam referring to Max as his copain. Although the word does have a meaning of buddy, the people of France almost never use the word for such and instead use pote. the word copain is very often used for boyfriend.
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