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The following is a list of inventory items that appear in the Sam & Max adventure games.

Sam & Max Hit the Road[]

Not displayed:

  • Vegetable shaped like John Muir
  • Conroy Bumpus' toupee
  • Sasquatch costume
  • Wine bottle
  • Ice pick
  • Stopper

Telltale episodes[]

Sam & Max Season One[]

Culture Shock[]

Situation: Comedy[]

The Mole, the Mob, and the Meatball[]

Abe Lincoln Must Die![]

Reality 2.0[]

Reality 1.5-only items:

  • Bosco's
  • Rare Foil Trading Card
  • Respect for Living Things

Bright Side of the Moon[]

Sam & Max Season Two[]

Ice Station Santa[]

(The horse toys are Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse action figures.)

Moai Better Blues[]

Night of the Raving Dead[]

Chariots of the Dogs[]

What's new, Beelzebub?[]