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Lee-Harvey is Conroy Bumpus' henchman in Sam & Max Hit the Road. He is noted for his large hands. Otherwise has a perfectly calm demeanor.

Character detail

Lee-Harvey has mentioned that he spent most of the last 10 years in the Pensacola Camp for Problem Children He was saved by Conroy who hired him for $4.75 per hour. Furthermore he taught Lee Swahili, found a baboon's heart for Lee's sister's transplant operation, and Lee sees him as a savior.

Lee-Harvey is dim-witted but good at fighting, easily beating Sam and Max at the same time on several occasions as in the Gator Golf. He is also found in Bumpusville reading Dialenics by Elrod Hubbel on a couch, a book that changed his life; but shows up whenever they sound an alarm.

Voiced by

He is voiced by Denny Delk.


The name Lee-Harvey is probably a reference to Lee Harvey Oswald, and Dee Henry, one of Conway Twitty's three wives.