La Canción De Los Mariachis, also known as The Mariachi Song, is a song featured in the Telltale episode Chariots of the Dogs. Performed by T.H.E.M., it explains their background and their involvement with the plot of Season Two.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Yo soy 'El Mariachi Solitario',
The last in a once noble line...
My people care only for robots and martian invaders.
But for birthdays, they say 'Maybe later, we don't have- the time...'

Ai, ey, ey, ey!

I come back from the future and pick up young versions of me.
In our spaceship, ai, ey, ey, ey,
We set course through the time stream, and fill gringos' birthdays with glee!
Por favor don't freak out if you see mariachis extraños.
It's just me y mis vatos who wish you 'feliz cumpleaños'.

But spaceships like this are expensive,
Even more when they travel through time.
And singing for birthdays on spec makes us poco dinero.
So we took on a contract and asked our new boss to cosign.

Ai, ey, ey, ey!

We take souls of the damned and we send them to places unknown.
Through that portal, ai, ey, ey, ey!
Although first we must crush them with gigantic heads made of stone.
Where they go, we don't know.
But it's hot - maybe it's Ensenada!
And as long as we still get to sing (sing) (sing), no importa nada.

When we say 'adiós', you'll be sad, but please try not to cry.
We were there for your birthday, we'll see you again,
When you die!

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