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King of the Creatures is a song from the game Sam & Max Hit the Road. It is sung by Conroy Bumpus halfway through the game.


Bumpus: I remember my childhood in Brighton...
When dear old Dad would bounce me on his knee
He'd say 'Son, there ain't nothin' as excitin'
As exposing beasts to inhumanity
That's- why- I'm-

Bumpus: Happy to be King of the Creatures!
I'm proud to be the Lord of the Odd!
I love collecting things with grotesque features!
It makes me feel like some Chaldean God.

Bumpus: Oh, I trapped my first tiger before I could speak.
Killed me a bear when I was three!
And now with this Bigfoot and giraffe-necked freak
I finally have a full menagerie!
{spoken} Hit it boys!

The Animals: That's- why- he's-
Happy being feared by the fauna
Jazzed just being Czar of the Bizarre
None of us can leave though we all wanna

Bumpus: Oh it's tough to be a country western star...
The Animals: Oh-, ye-ah-...


  • In Poker Night at the Inventory 2, when Sam is thinking of what to do during a hand, he may start singing a part of the song as he thinks.


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