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First appearing in Night of the Raving Dead, Jurgen's Monster is an artificial life form created by Jurgen, with obvio

us parallels with Frankenstein's monster.

Character Detail

Sam & Max bring the monster to life ahead of Jurgen's schedule using the SOL antenna they got from the C.O.P.S.. He has a melodramatic streak and is interested in finding love, and so Sam & Max try to arrange a date with Sybil. By equipping him with Jesse James' severed hand, a solid gold heart, and the brain of Zombie Abraham Lincoln, they almost succeed in this, only to see the moment ruined when a random remark by Max makes Sybil realize she really wants Abe.

In What's new, Beelzebub?, he helps Sybil with her wedding plans, bringing him a great deal of emotional suffering Sybil is apparently oblivious to. Later in that episode, he acts as the stripper at Abe's bachelor party (which thankfully doesn't get quite that far), willing to shed even some body parts during the act.

Voiced By

Brian Sommer


  • His lisp is similar to the singer from the song, Monster Mash.