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I am Jurgen. I'm not surprised you don't know me.

No one... truly knows me.

–Jurgen to Sam and Max.

Jurgen is a vampire who is the main villain in Night of the Raving Dead.

Character detail

Jurgen runs the club The Zombie Factory from his castle in Stuttgart. His plan involves putting living partygoers through a death-trap and capturing their souls. He sells those souls to hell (what he gets in return is never made clear) and uses the remains as zombies for his army of the undead. The arrangement involves the souls being picked up for further transport by T.H.E.M. When Sam & Max defeat him, his own soul goes through the same process. He is briefly seen in the UFO in Chariots of the Dogs and again as the receptionist in hell in What's new, Beelzebub? During the wedding of Sybil and Abraham Lincoln he tries catching the flowers but is stop by Max who catches them in mid-air.

Jurgen speaks English with a thick German accent that's almost impossible to make out at times. He is obsessed with being hip (even if only his minions think so) and his behavior tends toward stereotypical emo. Jurgen's side-projects include creating his monster.

In 1901, Sam and Max's great-grandfathers, Sammeth and Maximus, discover a still-living Jurgen inside the tomb of Sammun-Mak, trapped on a wall as a bas-relief by a Moleman curse, where he claims he was an archaeological student who has been stuck for decades. He promises to help them reach the Devil's Toybox if they free him, but double-crosses them and flees when they are trapped as bas-reliefs themselves in the process.

Later on, he is a passenger on the train Sammeth and Maximus are riding back to New York, and is therefore one of the suspects in their search for the thief who stole the Devil's Toybox from their compartment. One of the Molemen had placed a vampire curse on him, so his compartment is filled with garlic and crosses to ward off vampires, so that the curse can not attract one to bite him and turn him into a vampire himself. Sammeth and Maximus use the promise of the vampire counter-curse to lure him into another car and into the path of a vampire elf, causing him to become a vampire and leaving them free to search his compartment, now that he is repulsed by its anti-vampire protections. Upon searching his trunk, they find it empty, causing him to reveal that he had stolen it from Nicholas St. Kringle (who in turn had stolen it from Sammeth and Maximus), only to have it stolen by someone else. He also revealed that he had been working for and failed Yog Soggoth.

Jurgen also makes a cameo appearance in The City that Dares Not Sleep where he has returned from Hell along with Satan to film a report in which Satan discredits all claims that he was responsible for the giant Max rampage. Strangely, Jurgen appears in his 1901 garb when helping Satan film instead of his more modern "Goth. Sam says it's an interesting wardrobe he's go going on there, thing to which Jurgen respond that the Goth look is so three years ago. Sam lampshades this by pointing out that the costume is "a lot cheaper".

Likes and Dislikes


  • Midtown Cowboys (as seen in production in Night of the Raving Dead)
  • Philo Pennyworth (and anything he likes/endorses)
  • Dance Parties
  • Goth/Emo Culture
  • Film-making


  • Garlic Clove Cigarettes.
  • Holy Water
  • Sunlight
  • Anything that can kill/horribly damage a vampire
  • Nefertiti
  • Sameth and Maximus (indirectly turning him into a vampire; possibly)
  • Sam and Max (sending him to Hell; possibly)

Voiced by

He is voiced by William Kasten, which also voices Max in the Telltale Games series.


  • At Sybil and Lincoln's wedding, he is seen in the bouquet toss which is strange, as it takes place during the day and he is a vampire. Although the fact that he's already dead by the time this happens may answer the question.
    • This is corrected in the Remaster where Jurgen was uninvited to the wedding -although everyone loves weddings, they're not worth risking his reanimated booty to dance the Electric Slide[1].
  • Jurgen has a Teutonic (German) accent and frequently uses German words here and there, which do sound very strange however, likely due to the fact that his voice actor does not speak any German and thus makes mistakes in pronunciation.
  • In the remaster of Beyond Time and Space, he now has two keys hanging on his left nipple ring (one of which are car keys).
    • This was a feature on his original concept art, but was left out of the original Telltale Release. However, with Steve Purcell's approval, it was brought back in the Remaster.
  • "Summer on the Nile" (1901), "Techno-Zombie-Muzik" (2008)" and "Why I hate Sam & Max, Vols. 1-8" (2008-2010) are all his partial filmography.
  • He was cursed with the Vampire Curse by Natasha, circa 1840.[2]
  • According to Maximus, if Jurgen was introduced to Slushie, he thinks he'd find him irresistible.
    • Irony of fate, it was Slushie himself who turned Jurgen into a vampire.
  • He writes his name with an ü[3], as in the german language, which means it's the correct way to write his name.
  • He is from Stuttgart, in Germany.