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No one, truly knows me.

Jurgen is a vampire who is the main villain in Night of the Raving Dead.

Character detail[]

Jurgen runs the club The Zombie Factory from his castle in Stuttgart. His plan involves putting living partygoers through a death-trap and capturing their souls. He sells those souls to hell (what he gets in return is never made clear) and uses the remains as zombies for his army of the undead. The arrangement involves the souls being picked up for further transport by T.H.E.M.. When Sam & Max defeat him, his own soul goes through the same process. He is briefly seen in the UFO in Chariots of the Dogs and again as the receptionist in hell in What's new, Beelzebub?.

Jurgen's side-projects include creating his monster.

Jurgen living.png

More about Jurgen's background was revealed in The Devil's Playhouse episode 2, The Tomb of Sammun-Mak. When he encountered Sameth and Maximus, Sam and Max's great-grandfathers, he was trapped as a heiroglyph inside the tomb, claiming to be an antiquities student. When they freed him from the curse, being trapped on the wall themselves, Jurgen simply left them behind and walked out of the tomb. They later met him on the train back, where he was negotiating with Molemen to have a vampire curse removed from him. During this time, the Moleman's daughter, Nefertiti, had gotten a crush on him, even though he was seemingly oblivious to it. Prior to that he had stolen the Devil's Toybox from Sameth and Maximus, being a devotee of Yog-Soggoth. In the end, he was bitten by Slushie, a vampiric elf, and turned into a vampire. After the train ride, he presumably stopped worshipping Yog-Soggoth. He then went on to move back to Stuttgart and open The Zombie Factory, where he was eventually defeated by Sam and Max. He later reappeared in The City That Dares Not Sleep, filming a promotional video for the Devil. He has abandoned his goth appearance and returns to his original 1900's look, as it is now in style. When the shooting was ruined by Sam, the Devil brought him back to Hell, where he presumably remains.

Jurgen after being turned into a vampire.


  • Midtown Cowboys (as seen in production in Night of the Raving Dead)
  • Philo Pennyworth (and anything he likes/endorses)
  • Dance Parties
  • Goth/Emo Culture
  • Film-making


  • Garlic Clove Cigarettes.
  • Holy Water
  • Anything that can kill/horribly damage a vampire
  • Nefertiti
  • Sameth and Maximus (indirectly turning him into a vampire; possibly)
  • Sam and Max (sending him to Hell; possibly)

Voiced by[]

William Kasten


  • At Sybil and Lincoln's wedding, he is seen in the bouquet toss which is strange, as it takes place during the day and he is a vampire. Although the fact that he's already dead by the time this happens may answer the question.
  • Jurgen has a Teutonic (German) accent and frequently uses German words here and there, which do sound very strange however, likely due to the fact that his voice actor does not speak any German and thus makes mistakes in pronunciation.