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[[You crack me up, little buddy.]]
{{Infobox TT Episode
| Title = Ice Station Santa
| Season = [[Sam & Max Season Two]]
| Image = [[Image:S2_e1_titlecard.jpg]]
| Caption =
| Episode = 201
| Release = November 8, 2007 (GameTap), November 9, 2007 (Telltale Shop)
| Villain = [[Shambling Corporate Presence]]
| Song = [[The Friendly Demon Song]]
| Prev = [[Sam & Max Season One]]
| Next = [[Moai Better Blues]]
'''''Ice Station Santa''''' is the first episode of [[Sam & Max Season Two]] created by [[Telltale Games]] and published by {{w|GameTap}}.
==Synopsis & Plot==
After dealing with a giant robot that is intent on destroying the duo as well as razing the local city block near their offices, Sam and Max learn that the Maimtron 9000 was actually a gift from [[Santa Claus]]. The two head to the [[North Pole]] and find the two remaining elves in Santa's workshop cowering, as Santa keeps shooting at them with a machinegun. Sam and Max find evidence that an evil spirit is running amok at the North Pole, and work at collecting {{w|The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse}} action figures to use as part of a ritual to bring the demon (Known as the [[Shambling Corporate Presence]]) forward so they can capture it and free Santa. However, to their surprise, the demon never had possessed Santa; Santa had feared one of the elves had been possessed, and runs off to distract the Shambling Corporate Presence while Sam and Max work to complete the final part of the ritual: calling forth the three Spirits of Christmas (Past, Present, and Future). Each of the Spirits offers to help, but only have Sam and Max correct a Christmas they had ruined in the respective time periods. After satisfying each of the tasks, the Spirits proceed to help Sam and Max and reduce the Demon to a plate of Jell-o, which Santa inadvertently eats and becomes infused with the evil spirit. Sam and Max are able to knock Santa out, and after determining that the spirit should have been delivered to [[Satan]], send the possessed Santa on his way.
[[Image:SniperSanta.PNG|thumb|"I'm a little concerned about the heavily armed sniper behind door number one."]]
*[[Mr. Spatula]]
*[[Flint Paper]]
*[[Maimtron 9000]]
*[[Soda Poppers]]
*[[Green Elf]]
*[[Red Elf]]
*[[Santa Claus]]
*[[Jimmy Two-Teeth]]
*[[Leonard Steakcharmer]]
*[[Girl Stinky]]
*[[Abraham Lincoln]]
*[[Sybil Pandemik]]
*[[The Bug]]
*[[Pedro|Young Pedro]]
*[[The C.O.P.S.]]
*[[Shambling Corporate Presence]]
*[[Spirits of Christmas]]
*[[Mary Two-Teeth]]
*[[Timmy Two-Teeth]]
==External links==
* [ Telltale's ''Sam & Max'' website]
* [ Playable demo]
* [ Text derived from Wikipedia article]
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You crack me up, little buddy.