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Hugh Bliss's Master Plan explains most of the plot of Sam & Max Season One. A poster of it appears as an object in-game.

Hugh Bliss used the Prismatology movement to control Chuckles, who went on to control both the Toy Mafia Don Ted E. Bear and the Puppet President. When Chuckles was finally defeated in Abe Lincoln Must Die!, Hugh switched to his fallback strategy, using the alias "Roy G. Biv" to manipulate The Internet into causing the events of Reality 2.0. The events of Culture Shock were not part of Hugh Bliss' plan; renegade prismatologist Brady Culture used stolen hypnosis technology for his own reasons in this case.

Unfortunately for Sam & Max, by the time they notice that Hugh Bliss's Master Plan was for sale in the gift shop on the moon, everything on it has already come to pass. The Plan is later seen in Bosco's Inconvenience between various scribblings on conspiracy theory. It is unknown whether Bosco was already in possession of it before Season 2.

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