Girl stinky
("Stinky" redirects here. For the old man, see Grandpa Stinky.)

Girl Stinky is the proprietor of Stinky's Diner in Sam & Max Season Two.

Character detailEdit

Sam & Max remember the old Stinky well but haven't met girl Stinky prior to Ice Station Santa, and they quickly start to suspect that she is only pretending to be his granddaughter and actually murdered him for some reason. Her general spoiledness and her tendency to brag about all the famous people she supposedly met don't help her credibility much either. Still, in the end it turns out that she was telling the truth all along (at least about her grandfather, anyway).

In What's new, Beelzebub?, old man Stinky reveals that unknown to her, she isn't actually human: she is really an invention of his called The Cake of the Damned (the true form of which is a cake).

In The City That Dares Not Sleep, this is revealed to have been an elaborate bluff by Stinky done using a slide projector. However, she has been thwarted time and again to take over Grandpa Stinky's restaurant and eventually escapes with Skun-ka'pe to another world during Max's rampage on the city. They were both killed by Max's self-sacrifice using his psychic powers to teleport through Girl Stinky's cell phone.

Voiced byEdit

Melissa Hutchison