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Gary in his episode "The Trouble With Gary".

Gary is a one time character in the series The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police.

Character Detail[]

Gary is a secret government project with advanced psychic powers. He is able to use pyrokinesis, psychokinesis, and metamorph people and objects. The reason why Sam and Max were called to see him was because he was prone to anger and needed someone to calm him down. He doesn't mean to hurt others or do bad things though. Sam supposed that Gary's unruly behavior was due to the fact that he was subjected to many tests and kept in a clean and sterile environment everyday. So Sam and Max take him along with them on a series of outside activities such as stopping a bank heist, playing baseball, and going to a carnival.

After being "corrupted" by Sam and Max, Gary was unsuitable for the secret project and released. That made his parents and him very happy.

Sam made him a Freelance Police badge as a gift.


He has a mother and father who are scientists. They love him very much and hope that one day, Gary doesn't need to be tested on and they could live as a "normal" family.


His mother and father
Sam and Max


Getting angry
Things out of place or not to his liking


Gary was most likely inspired by the character, Anthony Fremont, from the episode of The Twilight Zone entitled: "It's a Good Life." Both have unexplained, supernatural abilities and both are young boys with a tendency towards anger. Unlike Anthony, Gary doesn't use his powers to manipulate those around him, but he does appear more easily agitated; becoming enraged by something as simple as his food being misarranged on his plate. Gary also seems to lack Anthony's ability to read minds.