The Freelance Police is the team consisting of Sam, Max and The Commissioner. It can be hired for Private Investigation, Law Enforcement and general Vigilantism. In the animated series, The Geek and Gary are members as well.

The Freelance Police has a logo that is used as a decal on the DeSoto and on the time cards in Chariots of the Dogs. In Monkeys Violating the Heavenly Temple, the logo is a five-pointed star with "Sam & Max - Freelance Police" written on it. In later comics and Sam & Max Hit the Road, the logo is a seven-pointed star with "Sam & Max" written in a circle in the middle. In the animated series and Telltale episodes is a shield with "Sam & Max" written over it. In the Telltale series the words are written above a seven-pointed star inside the shield, with the letters F and P appearing inside the star. The "Intergalactic Freelance Police" from the future seen in Chariots of the Dogs use a logo similar to that of Starfleet.

Known members[edit | edit source]

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