The Geek in The Invaders.

Darla "The Geek" Gugenheek is a supporting character in the animated show The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police.

Character DetailEdit

Darla Gugenheek, usually known as just "The Geek", is Sam and Max's personal 12 year old scientist, laboratory technician, and adopted daughter. Despite being a preteen, she is a scientific genius and often provides the pair with new gadgets and inventions to aid them on their missions. She lives in the Sub-Basement of Solitude.

Her personality is a bit on the sarcastic side with an air of confidence. Sam and Max usually exasperate her with their destructive curiosity and childish antics. Even though she acts as if she doesn't care or like them, there are rare times which she worries about Sam and Max's well-being and safety. These concerns are usually unnecessary since they handle themselves well despite how dire the situation is. Deep down, she enjoys their company.

Sam and Max first met the Geek at a Science Fair while being pulled into a black hole-like portal. Amused by her dangerous project, they ask her to be their daughter which she accepted with indifference.



Sam and Max ("Tolerates" might be a more appropriate description)
Making inventions
Cold Soda


Her full name.
Someone making her lab a mess (mostly Sam and Max)
John the Alligator

Voiced ByEdit

Tracey Moore


Early in the Geek's creation, she was actually a he. It was after a push from the television network to have a prominent female character in the show, the Geek was redrawn to be Darla.
The Geek (male)

The Geek as seen in The Series Bible sometime before the first show aired.

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