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Conroy Bumpus is the main villain in Sam & Max Hit the Road. Originally from Liverpool, England, he is living in Bumpusville. His assistant and thug is Lee-Harvey.

Character detail

Conroy is a famous country singer, who enjoys harming animals. This is because his father was killed by a rabid bigfoot. According to his song "King of the Creatures", he grew up in Brighton, trapped a tiger before he could speak, and killed a bear when he was three. After Conroy got his first and last guitar, he studied for 2 weeks before giving up and hiring a backup band.

Later he admits he is from Liverpool, explaining his Scouse accent.

He is looking for a bigfoot to use in his latest act (and possibly for the sake of the hunt itself as well). He visits a number of tourist attractions advertising their bigfoots, but finds that all of them have disappeared. This is where he crosses paths with Sam and Max, who are investigating the disappearances for their own reasons.

They first cross paths at the Kushman Brothers' Carnival, where they find out that Bruno has disappeared. They meet again at the Gator Golf, whose bigfoot attraction has also been lost, where he has Lee-Harvey beat the pulp out of them. Conroy and his assistant have also appeared in the Mystery Vortex.

Eventually Conroy manages to find and capture Bruno and Trixie before Sam and Max can. Sam and Max manage to rescue the two, but by that time Conroy has left to go after the big prize: the bigfoot gathering at the Savage Jungle Inn. When Sam and Max get into the meeting themselves, they run into Conroy and his assistant in a final confrontation in the kitchen. This ends with him and his assistant getting stuck in a block of ice. The block of ice is eventually displayed at the Kushman Brothers' carnival, after they were both sacrificed in a ritual. They replace Bruno as the bigfoot attraction for the carnival.


Conroy's home in Bumpusville is decorated by various trophies, awards, and even paintings of trophies. His musical achievements include:

  • "Two-Fisted, Beer-Drinkin', Gun-Totin', Hard-Lovin', Fast-Drivin', Country-Western Liverpudlian": Gold record for his breakthrough hit
  • "Flushed Down the Toilet of Love": First 8-track tape
  • "Smile When You Say That, You Rock-N-Rollin' Wimp": Platinum record for his all-time hit.
  • "Broken-Hearted Roadkill on the Highway of Romance": Gold record for his runaway hit.
  • "Tobacco Spit Blues": A million of copies
  • "Daddy's Two-Steppin' in His Two Foot Grave": Gold record
  • "Let's Drink Beer and Shoot Things": Platinum record.
  • "Heaven's Just Like Texas, Except That There's No Taxes": Gold record


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