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"I'm full-time in hell, suckers!"

Brady Culture is the villain in the 1st episode of the 1st season: Culture Shock.

Character detail

"It's subversive. And hideous! I don't know any white guy with a fro like that!"

A former child star, Brady Culture developed a grudge against the Soda Poppers and the public at large when his show "Culture's Clubhouse" was canceled in favor of the Poppers' show. Briefly joining the prismatology movement left him with a pair of hypno-goggles, which he used to hypnotize the Soda Poppers after luring them to him by starting Brady Culture's Home for Former Child Stars. He then uses them to endorse and distribute his Eye-Bo videos, which hypnotize anyone who watches them.

The Freelance Police catch wind of this scheme when the Soda Poppers visit their neighborhood and (amongst other things) try to forcibly put the Eye-Bo video's in Bosco's store. After de-hypnotizing all three, they go on to confront and eventually defeat Brady Culture. Max keeps his hair as a souvenir.

Reports on what happened to Brady afterwards are conflicting, with a newspaper suggesting he went to jail but the Soda Poppers saying they beat him to death. Sam & Max meet him again in hell in What's new, Beelzebub?, so it is at least clear that he died by then. His hypno-goggles can be seen in his cubicle, where he seems to be very happy working in hell.

He is also the only antagonist in season 1 that had almost nothing to do with Hugh Bliss.

Voiced By

Brian Sommer


  • It is suggested that he had incestual feeling towards his own mother due to his sign up admission says that a symptom of having Artificial Personality Disorder is to have a "unconscious desire to marry one's mother"


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