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Makcsostakanchikbro Makcsostakanchikbro 27 April


How are you? Does anyone have any ideas how to improve the wiki?

I have some ideas... like add a dark theme to the wiki, cuz it's are useful for night-lovers (like me), aha...

Also I think to add some more pages, like page for every soundtrack in telltale/remastered game, but, also it's important to don't forget about already created pages. We have to improve them so that they shine like gold, heheee!!

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GristolMalik GristolMalik 1 February

Just a blog post

Just wanted to say hello to everyone.

And also thanks a ton for the help!

That's all for now!

Best regards,

- Jooj

PS: Now, look at this cute Max plushie!

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Trainlover476 Trainlover476 23 January

Sam & Max: I'm Dreaming of a Pretentious Bloodshed

Have you always wondered how such a force as the Freelance Police spend their time during a glorified gorefest such as The Purge? Well, here's your change to follow the dynamic duo through such an experience.

Written by me

Audio Edited by me and Dawillstanator

Video edited by TheInvertedShadow


DaWillstanator as Sam

Me as Max

TheInvertedShadow as Everyone Else

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Doindaworm Doindaworm 7 February 2021

why is there homophobia in the sam and max wiki. literally this is just a rabbit and dog

I mean. my edits to this wiki didn't even say it was CANON. i said it was POSSIBLE. my exact words were at first, "at best, confirms," and i even amended it to "possibly confirms" in an attempt to be clearer. and so what if they're possibly a couple? it's way too dramatic to throw a fuss over the possibility. chill out man

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AshySlashy25 AshySlashy25 31 January 2021

i made a Max presidential campaign poster

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Looneytunerian Looneytunerian 23 December 2017


I think we should include transcripts on this wiki. :)

It would be really helpful. :)

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Trainlover476 Trainlover476 29 December 2016

Sam & Max: A Million Miles From Hades fanfic

Sam & Max: Freelance Police In:

A Million Miles From Hades

Based on the gluten free take-out special

Written by: Joey Turner

Edited by: Bryce "The WrestleManiac" Kanyon

Based loosely on the Five Nights at Freddy’s game series by Scott Cawthon

            When you’re a Freelance Police officer, you need to be three things: First, you need to be willing to take brain damage from blunt force if it comes to that. Second, you need to know at least 12 creative uses for the pancreas, wisdom teeth, and appendix. Third, and most important, you have to be too damned ignorant to be afraid of what life throws at you.

            Tonight, all three of those requirements would be exercised by a certain dog and rabbity-thing duo - Sam and Max. It was ten minutes un…

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Trainlover476 Trainlover476 27 December 2015

Sam & Max legos

Lego Sam & Max set needs support!

Hey kids! Looking for more Sam & Max merchandise that are potentially harmful to you and your parents? Well you're in luck! Because right now on Lego Ideas , there's a campaign to have lego Sam & Max sets become a real-life thing!! How does it work? Easy! You log in to Lego Ideas (Registry is free by the way), go to the link conveniently placed above, press support, answer a quick survey about how the set would appeal to YOU as a customer, and boom!! The catch: the product needs 10,000 supporters in order to be reviewed by Lego officially. But, if it gets the support it needs, it could very well be on the shelves in the future!! So support Lego Sam & Max today!!!

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Trainlover476 Trainlover476 27 December 2015

Sam & Max comic dubs

Me and my best friend did a bunch of Sam & Max comic dubs a few months ago, (And we're planning many more in the future)

Special note: if you have any Sam & Max comics you'd want to see dubbed, just let me know.

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