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Baby Amelia Earhart
Yes, Baby Amelia Earhart! Little Baby Amelia Earhart, not worth bothering with, not good enough to play with the big boys, oh no SHE's just a WOMAN! Well, it appears this insignicant female has beat quite a few of the big boys at their own game, and now SHE's going home with all the toys while the others are left scratching their heads, wondering what hit them!

Baby Amelia Earhart is a supporting character in the Sam and Max Telltale game series. Her character is based off the real Amelia Earhart. (Simply put, she isn't a clone of a historical figure like the Abraham Lincoln Memorial.) She appears in the episodes Moai Better Blues and The Tomb of Sammun-Mak. She, along with multiple other historical figures, transformed into a baby after drinking from the fountain of youth in the Bermuda triangle.

Voiced by

She is voiced by Dorothy Gallagher in Season 2 and Thessaly Lerner in Season 3.